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We Offer Block and Panic Bar Locks for All Doors

Non Barricade Devices For All Doors

  • Extremely easy to use with no special tools or keys!
  • ​A simple wipe of the hand pulls the magnetic base from the door frame to allow the door to shut and lock!
  • Suitable for both wood or metal door frames
  • ​Easy installation that can be achieved at any height

Block Lock

  • FINALLY! A cost effective answer to keeping classroom doors in a locked position while allowing easy in and out access.
  • ​BLOCK LOCK has been tested for quick response under pressure and has been approved by school teachers and administrators.
  • BLOCK LOCK removes the need to replace expensive doors or door locks.
  • ​BLOCK LOCK is affordable.
  • BLOCK LOCK is easy to install.
  • BLOCK LOCK is tamper-resistant!

Video Demos

Panic Bar Lock

PANIC BAR LOCK is the answer to ensuring these types of doors have the ability to be easily locked down during emergency situations yet still allow students and staff to move through the door freely.​

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Panic bar lock