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Helping You Prepare Your Facility for Emergencies

Are you satisfied with the safety tools of your facility? Let B4 A Disaster help you ensure everyone’s safety in case of emergencies. We take pride in being able to help schools and government agencies all over the country to be ready for crisis situations. Whether you are looking for emergency equipment and supplies or preparedness training programs, we have you covered.

What We Offer

Our company specializes in providing unique, innovative, and well-designed custom solutions that meet the needs of our customers. We also provide emergency management and consulting services.

Products Available

  • Emergency Supply Kits With Waterproof Pelican Cases
  • Non-Barricade Devices for Locking Doors
  • Evacuation Maps for Your Facility

Mission Statement

Our goal is to make sure schools and small government agencies are prepared for any emergency situation so that anyone in the facility will be safe.

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We have more than 20 years of experience in working exclusively within school budgets. With our help, you can get ready for disasters without breaking the bank. Call us today to register and order your emergency supplies.

Emergency Response Crisis Stations

Evacuation Map

Block Lock & Panic Bar Lock

Long-Term Emergency Supplies